OpenTshirts SSL Certificate
$39.99 /m

OpenTshirts VPS1

as low as $39.99 /m

  • CPU 0.88 GHz
  • RAM 512 MB
  • Hard Disk 20 GB
  • 500 GB Bandwidth

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$59.99 /m

OpenTshirts VPS2

as low as $59.99 /m

  • CPU 1.17 GHz
  • RAM 768 MB
  • Hard Disk 30 GB
  • 600 GB Bandwidth

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$79.99 /m

OpenTshirts VPS3

as low as $79.99 /m

  • CPU 1.47 GHz
  • RAM 1 GB
  • Hard Disk 40 GB
  • 800 GB Bandwidth

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$99.99 /m

OpenTshirts VPS4

as low as $99.99 /m

  • CPU 1.96 GHz
  • RAM 1.5 GB
  • Hard Disk 60 GB
  • 1000 GB Bandwidth

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  • Our Servers

    We take great pride in the hardware we use for our dedicated servers. We only use the latest and thoroughly tested Blade servers manufactured by SuperMicro.To take the greatest care of your data, all our servers come with two hard disks by default with RAID1 enabled. Making sure, even when one hard disk completely breaks down, your data is still intact and your server will remain online.

  • Container boot related issues
  • Investigating Network related issues
  • Hardware related issues
  • Issue with deployment of VPS
  • Investigation of any hacking attempts. Any findings and possible solutions will be reported.
  • Setup and re-installation of VPS
  • Core OS updates and patches
  • Container login issues
  • Reverse DNS setup (since we have the IPs control panel)
  • Installation and support of core software packages
  • Initial installation and basic firewall setup
  • WHMCS installation only